About Us  

Founded in December 2016, EnjoyaBowls started out as the little food truck that could by a classically trained chef who found her culinary calling creating healthy meals that people really enjoyed. Our bigger vision is to make lively food, fresh from scratch daily and offer it in a fast-casual restaurant environment. We believe getting a delicious healthy meal should be as easy as ordering drive though.

We strive for quality from beginning to end, for you and for our planet. We use many non-GMO and organic ingredients because we care as much as you do what you put into your body. Your lifestyle reflects your values and you want to have a good impact. We do too, which is why we use all-natural, preservative free ingredients. We also use paper products from recycled materials, because responsibility begins in our kitchen and ends in your bowl. We offer a tempting menu easily adaptable to gluten free, dairy free, meat free, and soy free diets. We want everyone to feel included and important. We hope to see you soon, whether it’s from our food truck window or our drive through window.